Police FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What number do I dial if I want to contact the Police but it is NOT an emergency?
A: 1-800-281-1680

Q: What hours are the Stonycreek Township Police on duty ?
A: There is an Officer on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Q: How do I obtain a permit to carry/conceal a firearm ?
A: Firearm Permits are issued by the Cambria County Sheriff at the Courthouse in Ebensburg, Pa. You must fill out the proper Application form and pay the prescribed fee. *** The blank Permit Application may be obtained by contacting Chief Dunkleberger at the Stonycreek Township Police Station. The permit must then be turned in to the Cambria County Sheriff after completion. You may also obtain the blank Permit Application at the Sheriff's Office in Ebensburg, Pa.

Q: If I receive a Traffic Citation, how long do I have to pay it ?
A: The lenghth of time which you have to pay a Traffic Citation is up to the District Judge. If you plead guilty to the Citation, you may ask the District Judge to be set up on a "payment plan". You must, however, respond to the Citation within 10 days of "issuance". "Responding" simply means that you must either appear in person at the Office of the District Judge, or send the proper portion of the Citation via mail to the Office of the District Judge (following the instructions on the reverse side of the Citation copy). Failure to "respond" to the Citation within this 10 day period could result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest and the suspension of your drivers license.

Q: Can I pay my Citation at the Police Station ?
A: NO, the Citation MUST be paid at the Office of the District Judge whose name/address will appear at the top of your Citation Copy.

Q: If I call 911 for the Police to be dispatched for a complaint, do I have to give my name ?
A: No, you may remain anonymous. However, the Police cannot issue or file a Citation based on "information received" from an aggrieved person if the caller/aggrieved person remains anonymous. (the caller may request that his/her personal information be given to the Police Officer via telephone rather than over the police radio, if desired).