Zoning Officer - Michael Grandinetti

The duty of the township Zoning Officer is to enforce the Stonycreek Township Zoning Ordinance and to make sure that any proposed development complies with the ordinance as it pertains to the allowable usage in various Zoning Districts, required setbacks, sufficient parking etc.  The Zoning Officer is also responsible for issuing occupancy permits.

Zoning Officer Hours

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Stonycreek Township Zoning Appeals Board

Brad Romano, Chairman
Pat McGlynn
Rick Wagner

The Stonycreek Township Zoning Appeals Board hears the appeals of property owners who have been denied a Zoning Permit by the Zoning Officer on the grounds that they do not meet certain provisions of the township's Zoning Ordinance.  This board meets and decides whether or not to grant a variance to the Zoning Ordinance or a Special Exception to this Ordinance. 

Important Documents for Download

Building Permit
COG Permit
New Building Process Overview
Zoning Codes
Paper Alleyway Notice